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A New Perspective


A New Perspective is a project and challenge that I have started to challenge the technical photographer as well as put the saying “This is a great photo, you must have a nice camera” to rest. It encompasses a wide variety of cameras, film and digital, that are loaned to me for a week at a time for an entire year. My project will start in June of 2017 and end June of 2018, so in this time frame if you would like to loan me a camera, shoot me an email over at .

At the end of this project, I will hopefully have a gallery showing of the different cameras to show the uniqueness and capabilities of each the camera as well as a blog post over each camera. Also, I will be using #newperspectivechallenge on social media so you can keep track of mine as well as others who want to join in the fun! If you would like more in-depth information, vist my blog post for that here.

If you like the idea of this and would like to support me in my endeavours, there will be a Paypal donation button at the bottom of this page so you can help support me!