Images by West

Photographs with a story


Some of my greatest memories I, among most of my friends and family, are from being a part of nature. There is something so simple and pure about going back to nature and getting away from the fast paced and stressful situations in city life.

Having the space and resources to enjoy these wondrous landscapes for everyone to enjoy is due in large part to the women and men working together with various governmental and non-governmental organizations in conservation. Conservation is the act of preservation associated with wildlife and natural resources.

Some of these people use the sciences to bring ecosystems back to life, help endangered animals get back to 

sustainable numbers, these are just a small part of what they do. Others use activism to sway a politicians vote on bills for/against environmental issues, I on the other hand use a camera as my tool to help educate.

Working with organizations, I get to document what is going on behind the scenes that a lot of people take for granted. Education is a huge factor in all of this because without it we don’t know what is happening in our own backyards, this is a scary thought. There is so much more to conservation than what meets the eye and this is one of the reasons why I have chosen to pursue such a noble cause.

One of the downsides to this is virtually no compensation so I spend my own finances on these ventures. If you believe in my pursuit and would like to support me to keep this work up I have set up a donation button. But don’t think of this as giving money across the table without any compensation. Get in touch with me and I would love to give you a print or two to hang in your home or office!