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A New Perspective (Project)

As the need for the latest and greatest will never end for the masses, there are some of us who prefer the use of “old school” and the “outdated” technologies. We love it, we appreciate it, it is possibly what lead the progression at one point. It isn’t that we don’t like advancements or we think it’s rubbish but rather we just like its character and the process. Does this mean that I don’t use newer technology? Of course not, I use full frame Canon gear as well as Sigma Art Lenses, for some of my work this is far more economical and I don’t have to worry about swapping out a roll of film several times an hour. It’s just what works in certain situations.

One of the phrases that photographers hate is “This is a great photo, you must have a nice camera.” It’s been said to me, my friends and plenty other photographers that know how to handle a camera. Does the camera help? Of course it does! The camera is a tool, it always has been, always will be. You don’t go up to your mechanic and say “you did a great job, you must have nice tools” do you? I doubt it. To be honest, it’s a bit of an insult when you are telling us that we don’t have skill and that it is the camera that does the work.

For this, I have a challenge for myself and encourage others who have the means to try it as well. For an entire year, I am going to do my best to use a different camera each week. Do you have to do a full year? Nope, just a month, try to use four unique cameras that you have to borrow from friends. Now, you may ask how will I get 52 different cameras to use for that time? Well, I’m glad you asked!

First: I have several cameras myself BUT, I will only use them if A) I can’t find a camera for a week and will use them as a last resort B)someone gives me a particular assignment that is out of the norm for that camera.

Second: I have many friends with a lot of older film cameras that I hope they will lend me and some with older digital or toy cameras.

Third: I will be posting this on a few Facebook pages and forums in hopes that people will send me a camera. If the camera is a loan, I will return it in a timely manner and send it back in the original package. If it is a donation, once I am done with that week I will find someone who wants to get into photography and pass it on as I have done with countless cameras in the past. No need for me to hold on to it when others can enjoy it!

So far, here are the rules for the challenge:

1) 1 camera = 1 week
2) Film OR Digital, doesn’t matter as long as it is functioning and is a complete camera (including lens, battery, charger if required)
3) Latest and greatest, or a century old, doesn’t matter.
4) Toy cameras are also Included.
5) Are you going to let me use your camera and want a particular subject matter, give me an assignment and if it is achievable I will do everything I can. I.e. Portraits, Landscape, Street, Event, Photojournalism.
6) If it is a unique film camera that requires special film, we will talk to make sure it is do-able.
7) I will post the results and a write up after each camera as soon as I have the images processed.

This project will begin on June 4th of 2017 and I will be using #newperspectivechallenge on social media. If you choose to do this project or have a friend who wants to do it, I ask that you use the same hashtag and encourage anyone and everyone!

What is the purpose of this project? It is to show that the camera can help ad character to the images but a competent photographer can learn how to use the camera and that it is the photographer that makes the image. Also, it will push my abilities to adapt to the unique cameras and push my limits.

At the end of this project, I hope to have a gallery showing of the images produced by all the different and unique cameras.

If you would like to make a donation to this project as there will be financial hurdles like the cost of film/developing/printing/gallery costs, I will be forever grateful and will have a list of sponsors through out the process.

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